Changes to Lung Transplant Scoring – Will It Impact Me?

This may or may not pertain to my situation, I don’t think ultimately it will. Yet, the more successful attempts & changes to level the playing field in scoring for transplant, all the better. So maybe indirectly, rather than directly.

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The Power of Dreams

I’ve been telling some friends about a dream I’ve had recently.  I admit I don’t normally share things like this for a couple reasons.  The prime reason being I don’t dream a lot to begin with. (Doesn’t mean I don’t have hopes & dreams).  When I do dream, I don’t typically remember them afterwards whole or in part. I also know that some people have strange reactions to more spiritual subjects like this. Continue reading

Turning A Corner

So this is going to be short & sweet. I have been out of commission because I was home about 4 hours and my friend had to run me right back to another closer hospital on Sunday night. My oxygen levels were very unstable & my home concentrator wasn’t near enough support.  This time I’m at a different hospital near my house; & getting much better care.  Actually being listened to instead of being fought tooth & nail like the other hospital.

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“Drink From The Well of Your Self & Begin Again” – Charles Bukowski

For the past 8 years or so, I really have been wanting to write on a regular basis. Although, I’ve never felt right about rigidly disciplining myself to do so because when I have it comes off contrived.  Charles Bukowski did it on a regular basis through poetry, novels, & other works. It was more inspired than not (even he admits it).  But for me, it always just seemed to come when it felt like it; even when I would try otherwise to coax it out, until very recently. Feels like lately a day without blogging seems an incomplete day…

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Bionic Lungs – They DO Exist!

I realize that this has limited application now, but for the most critically ill of people waiting for new lungs, this is a significant advance.  Looks like it is making its way to the U.S. now (or something similar)…

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Pill Tracking Can Be Time Consuming – But Such Is Life… (Pre & Post Transplant)

Right now, I take about 8 different medicines to keep LAM & TSC in check as well as a few other conditions (like reflux & allergies).  One of them is an immunosuppressant commonly used in kidney transplants.  However, this is nothing compared to what I will be taking post-transplant. I thought this was a good teachable moment for people to understand one of the trade-offs that transplant recipients make & part of the reason why the after-care expenses can be a bit much…

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