Food For Thought: Everything Doesn’t Happen For A Reason: An Examination

Some of the best exchanges I’ve had lately have come from impromptu comments during tweetchats or interesting Facebook shares. This also in combination of following other bloggers while I’ve been in this rehab facility recouping. Admittedly, I’ve been spending way more time online than I have been normally, but only by temporary default. This is due to various factors. Mostly health & logistics related. Also as I continue to bounce back, a degree of restlessness. This is ok though. Once my visitors slowed down because I was through the worst of the post-accident complications & pain; I’ve just been diving in as I can exploring, observing, listening to the chatter (outside this place) going on in the world.  I don’t think it is a bad way to pass the time.

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Don’t Wait For A Time of Need To Know What You Need

This recent NY  Times article really had me thinking, not only because of what I have faced in my past, but also due to what is front of me…but it isn’t only me who should be taking a hard look at this.

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Worthwhile IndieGoGo for “Lungies”

I recently found a great Kickstarter project called Dr. Poket for medication management & I did this blog post about it.  But one of my support group friends/Gift of Life stay buddies posted about this IndieGoGo project the same day (on Facebook) I found this company. The company’s  product account also connected with me on Twitter that same morning.  I was very excited about this device too because one thing that will never go away for me – either now, or after my lung transplant – is the need to measure my lung function on a regular basis…

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Changes to Lung Transplant Scoring – Will It Impact Me?

This may or may not pertain to my situation, I don’t think ultimately it will. Yet, the more successful attempts & changes to level the playing field in scoring for transplant, all the better. So maybe indirectly, rather than directly.

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The Power of Dreams

I’ve been telling some friends about a dream I’ve had recently.  I admit I don’t normally share things like this for a couple reasons.  The prime reason being I don’t dream a lot to begin with. (Doesn’t mean I don’t have hopes & dreams).  When I do dream, I don’t typically remember them afterwards whole or in part. I also know that some people have strange reactions to more spiritual subjects like this. Continue reading