‘Nature’s Band-Aid’: UVM Researchers Use Seaweed To Heal Lung Injuries

Now here’s an Interesting Article. I just found this through a link to Vermont Public Radio on my  Twitter feed. It’s a very interesting treatment concept. I wonder if it could be the next wave in treating lung collapses?

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Why I Opted NOT To Crowdfund

While I had some free time I was exploring how best to start raising funds for my transplant. The reality is even if I’m not listed right away I will need to get some funds coming in.  I am a big fan of crowdfunding as a general rule. I’ve backed some interesting projects, games, & technologies on both Indiegogo & Kickstarter.  I’ve also helped fellow LAM sisters, classmates, volunteer friends, & other people from my community with donating to sites like GoFundMe or JustGiving as well for personal catastrophes & to pay down medical expenses or obtain services & equipment not covered by an insurance policy.  But here’s yet another reason why I started narrowing the focus of my blog to detail the unique challenges stemming from being unmarried…this was the first real eye-opener I had to in looking to see how to finance my transplant.

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