Life-Hacking Oxygen (Part 1)

Most of the trouble re-appeared when I started noticing my breathing change over the winter. Prior to that I had enjoyed a 5 year honeymoon from beng pummeled by TSC & LAM because of a drug called Rapamune. I was at less than 50 percent of my lung function when I started, but I had felt the best I had in years. The drug stopped the non-stop roller coaster of interventions I had from 2004-2009.  Had only one brief one in 2010 to correct a problem the drug had not stopped before.

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Single Seeking Double

I started this blog today after a mini-meltdown. I have spent a few frustrating weeks on medical leave after I had to abruptly stop working due to a lung issue.  I am not cleared to go back to work until after my lung transplant evaluation (if then).  While I was researching in a way to mentally prepare for what was to come, I was frustrated about how few resources there are for single (unmarried) people needing transplant. The majority of resources/stories I found were encouraging but most if not all, involved married couples.   A few of them I did find related to single people, were outside of the U.S. which obviously makes the decisions & process different as well.

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